The Headmaster of Dalian American International School goes by the name of Dr. Nordness and the principals of the school are Sidney Gill as principal of the elementary and Dr. Joseph as principal of the secondary. The Main Office is on the right side when you enter through the front door of the school (side doors of the spinning door). The Guard House is in many places, you'll see a guard behind a special sliding window before you enter the school on the left hand side, the area where you arrive on bus there is a guard sitting in the little building, and at there area where you get out of your car is when you pass the gate you'll see a guard house connected to each side of the gate and a guard standing slightly out of the Gate guard house. There is also a gate connected to the guard house by the area where buses drop of kids. So basically security is tight around this school. Sidney's office is directly across from where Ms. Blake's 2nd grade classroom is, which is on the first floor right after you pass the basement stairs. Ms. Blake's room is to the left while Sidney's office is to the right. Dr. Nordness's office is on the second floor, first room double door room you see on the far right, right side of the elevator by the glass, seen after taking the stairs you first see when you enter the building from the front. I do not know where Dr. Joseph's office is, but you can help me by editing this article!